Network and Bandwidth Requirements

SightCall users connect to the SightCall platform to communicate together. SightCall implements an advanced mechanism to ensure the best communication possible with any IP network quality.

Network requirements

To allow agents to connect to the SightCall platform, Enterprise networks must authorize the following ports and domains:

TCP Ports 80 & 443
* (Web plugin to connect the cloud) * (Access agent console interface) * (3rd party library for geolocalisation)

Caution: Please note the “*“ preceeding the URLs above. The “*“ must be included to whitelist the wildcard URLs and have full access to the SightCall cloud.

SSL Interceptions

SightCall does not support SSL interceptions. If your network implements SSL interceptions, the above URLs must be whitelisted.

Bandwidth Requirements

A SightCall stream, including audio, video and sharing fluctuates between 100kb/s and 500kb/s, depending on the network capacity, movement, light, and camera. It is recommended to validate the network capacity prior to intensive use.

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