The message, "No visual content was captured on your service call. Thank you for your business.", may appear for a different reasons:

Cause: Technician starts the process of linking the work order to the XOi job, but doesn't follow through by tapping Save/Submit.  
Solution: Remind the technician to select the save button when linking XOI jobs to work orders

Cause: A blank 'Completed Job List' page appears when tapping the button to link the XOi job to the work order.
Solution: Have the user clear their browser history cache.  

Cause: The technician enters a 7-digit work order number as the XOi job label.  The mobile device attempts to place a phone call to the 7-digit work order number when it's tapped, rather than linking it to the work order.
Solution: Advise the technician to add a prefix to the number so that it doesn't appear as a phone number to the phone.    For example, instead of  '5555551212' enter the job label in XOi as 'wo#5555551212'

Cause: The workflow step is not configured to show customer-facing content.  
Solution: Edit the workflow step to toggle on the 'Share content with customers and other external viewers' setting

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