Release Notes - July 30, 2019

We've recently released fixes and improvements to XOI Vision web.   This release presents the next set of job editing capabilities including removing content, drag and drop reordering of content and ad hoc content share for single photos and videos.

Note: Any features affecting job editing are available only to Admin role users.

Features and Improvements
       - Confirmation pop-up added when deleting items
       - Display First Name / Last Name on jobs and share pages instead of email address
        - On share pages, hide job step name if it doesn't contain a photo/video/notes

       - Ability to Ad Hoc content share

       - Ability to drag and drop to move content within a job

       - Ability to remove content from a job

Bug Fixes

        - Play button remaining on video when starting a video

        - Loading screen and ‘Powered By XOi’ showing left justified on share pages

        - Some OCR tags not searchable

        - View password ‘Eye’ Icon not showing when logging in

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