Groups allow you to report against a subset of the users that are in your organization.

  1. Select 'Groups' from the administration menu 
  2. Select the '+ Add Group' button at the top of the screen
  3. Type in a name for the group 
  4. Optional: Type in a description for the group 
  5. Select the workflows field to see a drop down list of available workflows to assign to the group. Any user who is a member of this group will see the assigned workflows in their mobile application. 
  6. Select user(s) to assign to the group by clicking on the toggle located next to the user's name 
  7. Select 'Save' at the bottom of the screen

The group is created and will appear in the list of groups for your organization. You can tap the 'Edit' icon next to the group in order to add additional users to a group or change the details for the group anytime.

Additional Information 

  • You can use the 'Filter for users' field to quickly search and add users to a group.
  • There is a checkbox ‘This group accepts jobs from all workflows’ which is unchecked by default. If selected then any workflow that a user has access to and completes will be associated with this group even if that workflow was not assigned to the group. 
  • Once users are added to a group usage reports can be setup for that set of users.
  • The default group, 'CompanyName' is applied to every workflow when the workflow is first created, although it can be removed from that workflow.  If you leave that default group on the workflow then at minimum that workflow will be available to the user in the mobile app when s/he creates a job. If you remove that default group from the workflow and don't add any other groups to the workflow, none of the workflows will be available to the user when s/he creates a job in the mobile app.
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