With the release of XOi Vision 2 we have updated our integration process to allow our existing integrations to work as they did before while also paving the way for a brand new style of integration!

The New Integration Style

The integration starts when the service technician arrives on site and opens XOi Vision to start their job

The service technician creates their job attaching photos, videos and notes within a structured workflow

After the job is completed, the open your FSM system and selects 'Link XOi Job'

Now pick the job they just created from a list and the job info in your FSM is automatically populated for the job.

A share link containing the photos, videos and job notes for the customer is placed in your notes to show up on the customer invoice

Setting up the New Integration Style

Setting up the new integration style is simple

  1. Let your CSM know that that you would like to set up a integration and what FSM system you are using. 
  2. XOi will configure your integration for you in the background. 
  3. Once the integration is complete, next time you login to XOi Vision the integration will be working. 

Still not sure? Start by giving it a try!

Trying out the New Integration Style 

Trying out the new integration style is as simple as logging out of your Vision 1 credentials and using your new XOi Vision 2 credentials. 

  1. Logout of Vision 1 on your mobile device by following this link in your mobile browser:
  2. Open your FSM 
  3. Navigate through your FSM and open the XOi integration step 
  4. When the login page opens use your XOi Vision 2 credentials instead of your Vision 1 credentials 

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