In order for technicians to access the vision mobile application you have to add them as users to your organization. 

  1. Select 'Users' from the administration menu 
  2. Select 'Add User' 
  3. A form pops up allowing you to add information about the user
  4. Enter a Email Address - This is the username used to login to the mobile application. Each user must have a unique email address. If you add an address that already exists you will receive a error message that the user already exists. 
  5. Enter a First Name - The first name for the user
  6. Enter a Last Name - The last name for the user
  7. Enter a Phone Number - By default we will set your phone number to a US number (+1). 
  8. Add One or More Groups -  The user will be a member of all the groups that you select. You can later add/remove groups for a user here on the user's page or from the groups page. 

Other Fields 

In addition to the four required fields there are several optional fields that can also be used: 

  • Timezone - Add the timezone for your user to make sure any time stamps add to this users work are correct
  • Role - Assign someone as a Admin with access to administration, or as a user. 
  • Enabled/Disabled - Disable a user, their account still exists, but they will not be able to login. 

After a user is created you can select the 'Edit' button next to their username to edit any fields except for the username, which is the unique identifier for the user and cannot be edited. 

Additional Information

  • Multiple users can be set up with the same phone number, but the text message with the temporary password and any reset password requests will always be sent to the phone number assigned to the user. 
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