The Job Activity page in Vision web allows you to see all of the jobs that have been completed in the field. 

The list is ordered by the date that jobs are being completed in the field, but can be quickly and easily filtered to find the job you need, when you need it. 

 Finding jobs 

  1. Tap on the Tags field and start typing
  2. A dropdown list appears suggesting tags that match what you have typed so far
  3. Tap on the Date Range field and define a start and end date 
  4. After selecting entering your tag(s) and choosing a date range either tap the 'Apply Filter' button or press enter on your keyboard

Aside from filtering by tags you can also search by email, first and last name to quickly find jobs created by a specific user. 

Next you can: 

  • View a job's details

Additional Information 

  • Tap on Clear Filters in order to restore the job activity page to its original list. 
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