Your job is complete, but you still need to deliver it to your customer. You can accomplish this quickly by sharing directly from Vision!

  1. Tap on the Share icon next to your completed job 
  2. Select either:
    - Public Share: Will only contain the job steps that are marked as customer facing
    - Entire Job Share: Share all documentation and steps for your job (Including internal notes and tags) 
  3. A sharing menu will appear allowing you to select how you want to share your job. Some examples include:
    - Text Message
    - Copy the link
    - Email
    - Any messaging application that shares using the native share for your device
  4. Tap on Copy Link
  5. Paste the link into your browser 
  6. See the share with your photos, videos, tags and notes

Remember: You can only share completed jobs. 

From here you can: 

Additional Information 

  • If you have questions about your workflow and what will be shown in your share, you can always copy the link and review it to be sure before sending it to your customer.
  • The share link expires after 90 days for security purposes.  After 90 days, the share page will display a "Share has expired" message on the Vision web.  However, you may recreate a new share link again to allow users to see the content. 
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