After you have setup your workflow you can start documenting your job. Vision allows you to document using 

  • Photos 
  • Videos 
  • Notes 
  1. Tap the '+' next to a jobs step 
  2. Select an option from the menu to capture media:
    - Take Photo
    - Record Video 
  3. The camera will open and you can record a video or take a photo that is added to the step when you are finished. 

Tapping 'Upload from Gallery' allows you to upload a photo or video directly from your device's gallery into vision. 

Tapping on 'Add Note' allows you to create a note for the job step. 

Continue adding photos, videos and notes to each of your job steps until you are ready to complete your job. 

From here you can: 

Additional Information 

  • As soon as photos or videos are added to a job they will begin uploading in the background. Uploading content will never slow your workflow down no matter how slow your connection is. 
  • If one of your steps has a small, yellow star next to it it means that you must add a photo or video to that step before completing the job.
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