Install the admin version of the plug-in as documented below:

  1. What is SightCall admin plugin?

The SightCall admin plugin provides exactly the same features as the standard plugin. The only difference is the installation path:

  • SightCall standard plugin installs into the user’s personal folderC:\Users\<username>\...
  • SightCall admin plugin installs into the “Program Files” folderC:\Program Files (x86)\...

Download the Sightcall admin plugin from:

2. Why would I need it?
There are many configurations where an admin plugin can be handy. Here are some examples:

  • Users don’t have write-access to their personal folder.
  • User’s personal folders are hosted on a remote server with limited resources.
  • Internal company policy forbids installing programs in personal folders.
  • PCs are shared by many different users and you would like to install the plugin only onceinstead of installing it for each user.The admin plugin will natively support these configurations.

3. Where can it be found?The admin plugin is not publicly available on SightCall website or console.This plugin is provided to our customers only when the standard plugin couldn’t get used.You can contact you SightCall representative if you think you need the SightCall admin plugin.

4. How to deploy it?

Requirement: the installation must be performed by a system admin.

The admin plugin requires system admin rights to get installed because standard users aren’t usually allowed to install programs into this folder.

SightCall provides an MSI package that can easily be deployed either manually on each PC or massively via any deployment tool (GPO...).

Once deployed on a PC, it will be available to any users on this machine.

5. How to update it?

The main drawback to using the admin plugin is that you will not benefit from SightCall automatic upgrade system as users won’t be allowed to do any changes in the “Program Files” folder.

The update process is similar to the initial deployment.
SightCall will provide you with an updated MSI package and associated release note.

Deploying this new version will overwrite the previous installation. You control when this package is made available to your users.

6. Warning

Installing both SightCall standard plugin and SightCall admin plugin on the same machine can lead to undefined behavior.

We recommend to completely clean-up your SightCall installation when switching between a standard and an admin installation.

This clean-up must be performed by a system admin using the following command lines:

wmic product where name="npRTCCplugin" call uninstall
rd /S /Q "%APPDATA%\npRTCCplugin"
rd /S /Q "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users" rd /S /Q "%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application"
rd /S /Q "%LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application"

7. Standard vs Admin

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