Knowledge Base is always growing and bringing in better and more accurate information. One of the ways we get the most accurate information is directly from you!

To add a training video to knowledge base that will be visible to others in your company: 

  1. Select the 'Training' step on your workflow
  2. Select 'Add Video' to add your training video
  3. Add tags to the training video - It’s a good idea to tag the video with the Make and Model Number as well as info about what you are training about so that your video can be found later in the knowledge base
  4. Complete your job 
  5. Tap 'Knowledge' at the bottom of the screen to open the Knowledge Base 
  6. Search for the tags you added to your video (Make and Model Number)
  7. Tap on the thumbnail photo of your video to play it

If you do not have a training step then reach out to your supervisor or contact us directly so we can assist you to provide valuable knowledge to the rest of your company!

Additional Information 

  • Any workflow step can be configured to be a training step. 
  • A video added to a training step will show up immediately in knowledge base. 
  • Your training videos are only viewable by others in your company

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