You have your SightCall app registered for mobile to mobile video calls but not quite sure how to get your first call going? 

There are two methods for starting a video call from the vision assist application: 

   1. Sending a text invitation for a video session

   2. Sending a email invitation for a video session

The invitation will be sent out and the guest you are inviting will be able to tap on the link via email or text. The link will remain active for several hours to start/restart the call if it drops or is delayed for any reason. 

After the guest opens the link you will receive a popup message to start the call. Tap on 'Accept' to start the call.

 Remote Controls

  1. Microphone - Toggle the mic on/off for the guest
  2. Camera  - Toogle to activate the guest's camera. 
  3. Photo Gallery - Toggle to prompt the guest to choose a photo from his photo gallery to share with you.

Local Controls

  1. Microphone - Toggle your mic on/off
  2. Camera - Toggle your video on/off
  3. Rotate - Rotate to the front or rear mobile device camera
  4. Hangup - End the current call
  5. Flashlight - Turn on the mobile device flashlight

Additional Information

  • Depending on your Vision Assist configuration you may have varying local or remote controls. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about your controls. 
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