The first screen you'll see when you login to Vision is My Work.

This screen lists out all of your current and complete jobs. Every time you do work in Vision you create a job. 

Look at the top of the My Work screen, and select the Create New Job button.

  1. You'll see three Job Info fields that you will need to fill out to create your job. 
  2. Tap on Work Order # and type the work order number for the job you are working on. 
  3. Tap on Customer and type the name of the Customer that your work order is for. 
  4. Tap on Location and type out the Address where you are completing the work order. 
  5. After finishing your job info tap on Create in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Your work order number and address now show at the top of the screen and you can see the job details screen. 

From here you can:  

Additional Information

  • It's important to type out the Job Info so that the work you do can be connected back to the original work order number. 
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