“People May Doubt What You Say, 

But They Will Believe What You DO.”

~ Lewis Cass

Based on feedback from customers like you we are working to provide a telepresence option that is suited to deliver a more interactive experience; giving your field service technicians a quality connection to the support members of your team.

As we work to build new telepresence features into the XOi platform we are able to provide you with access to a some of these features today.

Vision Assist is so MUCH more than our previous telepresence application! 

New features include:

  • Two Way Interactive Audio/ Video
  • Screen Pause/Annotation
  • Screen Sharing from Desktop

Upcoming features include:

  • Recording of completed call
  • Screen capture - Save to XOi
  • mobile to mobile access
  • and more….

This is the ultimate tech training tool. It allows for a member of leadership or sales to be on any work site, at any time; providing the right solutions, right now.

Getting Started

Your XOi CSM will set up your virtual support team member’s ID and you will receive an invite via email to set up your password.  Once completed you will have access to log in at the following site.


You will want to bookmark this login page

Once successfully logged in, you will access the Administrator screen, which should look like this:

  1. User (currently logged in)
  2. START - Opens outbound sharing menu
  3. Connection Status
  4. Change Status (Connect/Disconnect/Away)
  5. Audio/ Video Selections

Starting your First Call

To send an OUTBOUND video call request to field personnel:

  1. Click the START button in the upper right corner (#2 in the image above)
  2. Enter the phone number of the person you would like to call
  3. Click Send SMS

Once the device user clicks the link sent via SMS, the call will connect and the display will appear as shown.

This is how the screens will appear each time a call is received. The video feed is from the mobile camera.

Local Controls

Once the call is live, you are provided two menus that display the controls for the local (Desktop) and remote (mobile) devices.

  1. Turns the Desktop camera On/ Off
  2. Mutes the Desktop Microphone
  3. Screen Sharing - Share desktop screen on device screen (webpage, vision, etc.)
  4. Hang Up - End the call
  5. Resize the displayed screen

Remote Controls

The remote menu displays controls available for the mobile device. It allows for the Desktop user to control the remote mobile device.

  1. Turns the forward-facing light On/ Off
  2. Pauses the current feed for annotation
  3. Switches between forward & rear facing cameras (requires device user approval)
  4. Annotation - Circle or Draw feature
  5. Erase - Removes drawings from screen

Virtual Support

XOi Vision Assist is easy to use and you can get connected with your company’s Virtual Support team with just a few taps on your mobile device.

There are two ways to use Vision Assist with your virtual support team:

  1. Field user will be sent a link via SMS from your company's Virtual Support Team. 
  2. Field personnel can be provided a link that will call your company’s support specialist directly when you need assistance. We recommend creating a contact named “Vision Assist” and adding the link in the “Web Address” field.  

In both cases, the call will initiate in the Visual Support app.

Once the Virtual Support Contact has been created, you can simply tap the link at any time to call them and this screen will appear.

When Virtual Support answers, the camera opens and the live call begins. The device options and icons are similar to those on the desktop console. 

  1. Device Mic - Toggles Mute On/ Off
  2. BlueTooth Audio Input Option
  3. Camera On/ Off Toggle
  4. Flashlight On/ Off Toggle
  5. Pause screen - for Drawing/ Illustration
  6. Forward/ Rear Camera Toggle
  7. Hang up/ Disconnect Call

As with any new update, we recommend testing and becoming familiar with its overall operation before rolling it out for use in the field.

And as always, you can contact us with any questions here on our support site:


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