What is it?

The Universal Knowledge Base is comprised of shared reference material around all things HVAC/MEP related. This is an ongoing effort to collect and curate useful information in a variety of formats for you and your employees. It currently has information for over 220 manufacturers.

What does it offer?

The Universal Knowledge Base has been pre-populated with many Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams and User Manuals. While this UKB is growing, there are already a number of manuals for companies such as Trane, Carrier, AAON, ACME, Bell, Daikin, Lennox and Liebert to name a few.

How do I use it via Vision Web?

In order to perform a search against the shared content, you need to first click on the checkbox next to “Cross-organizational search”, found on the Knowledge Base view within Vision.

To search for something specific, type your query as normal into the ‘FILTER BY TAG’ box and click on the “Search for …” entry that pops up below what you typed or any of the auto-complete tags that may come up.

Once you click the “Search for …” selection, you will see a blue spinner indicating the query is being performed. When the spinner goes away, the content in the results area below the search box options will change to show the results of the search. 

Once you have search results displayed, you can hover over each one for more information...

 or click on one to see an expanded view.

Once you are looking at the expanded preview of a PDF, you can click on the link below the image to download the PDF to your computer for local viewing. You may also find images and videos within this collection.

How do I use it via Vision Mobile?

Press the hamburger menu in the top left to open the slider showing you the various screens you can access.

Press the ‘Search’ option as shown below, which will take you to the Search page.

On the Search page, press the slider to the left of ‘Content’ to bring up the Content view

Press on the text box at the top and the keyboard will pop-up, allowing you to enter your terms. Press Enter/Done  when done.

You can scroll up and down through the results. Tap on one to open it. You can pinch-zoom in and out.

When viewing a PDF, you can also press the box in the top right that has an arrow in it, to open another view with other options, such as viewing the PDF in Google Drive (This also copies the file to Drive).


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