When encountering difficulty with uploading content in low network areas there is a simple solution for uploading content directly from the native gallery on your device into Vision. 

  1. Navigate to  https://vision.xoeye.io/#/upload 
  2. Login using your Vision username and password 
  3. You will land on the knowledge base upload screen. From this screen choose 'Select Files' and either take a new image or video or select from your gallery of images on your device.

Once you have selected your content it will populate on the knowledge base upload page. 

      4. Optionally, you can add tags to content that you are uploading from
           the page. 

     5. Once you have added your content and tags select 'Upload' and
         watch the progress bar indicate that your content is uploading.

You will see a message at the bottom of the screen letting you know that your content has uploaded successfully and is now present in Vision.

You can now navigate back into the XOi Vision mobile application to share the content you have uploaded.

Note: Content uploaded in this way will not appear in the gallery of the XOi application, but will appear in both the search and share features within the application.

Additional Information: 

  • Both videos and photos can be uploaded using the knowledge base upload feature. 
  • A internet connection is required in order to use this upload feature. 
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