Hello everyone!  In this release, we focused on our mobile applications, both iOS and Android, to resolve some bugs we found and that our users reported.  Here is what we did...

iOS & Android

  • Play video in landscape mode - Page formatting was not allowing video to be played correctly in landscape mode.  We have resolved this page formatting.
  • Users cannot edit tags - This bug was introduced in our last release and has been resolved.  You can now edit tags, both in the media gallery and from the search results.
  • Displaying multiple copies of content when if you don’t successfully share - When a user started to share content, but then cancelled the process, the app was creating  copies of the content to be shared. This has been resolved.
  • Search results tagging colors were updated.
  • It was hard to determine by the thumbnail view if the content was a video or photo - We added the play icon to video thumbnails so you can more easily know it’s a video

iOS only

  • Camera crashes when trying to zoom - The camera no longer crashes when trying to pinch zoom.  Our camera still does not allow you to zoom at the moment.

Android only

  • PDFs not rendering correctly - There was a bug that was not allowing PDFs from the search page to to be viewed correctly.  This has been resolved.


Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the next release!

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