What is the M100?

The m100 is a smart glasses wearable that will allow you to use the calling and content capture features of the XOi mobile application hands free.

This video covers assembling the m100 for first time use

Additional Information

  • The neck of the m100 is flexible and can be adjusted to give you a comfortable view of the screen.
  • You can download the m100 PDF manual by clicking on the pdf attached below.

What do the M100 buttons do? 

The m100 has four buttons on the external casing that are used to navigate and take actions within the device.

  • The A and B buttons are called the 'Navigational Buttons' and used to scroll up and down, left and right within the m100.
  • The D button is called the 'Selector Button' and is used to select options within the m100
  • The Power button is located on the bottom of the device and is used for turning off the m100

Additional Information

  • Pressing and holding the 'B' navigational button for several seconds will allow you to navigate to the previous screen (escape).

How do I connect Wifi to the M100? 

To upload content to vision you have to connect your m100 device to wifi. The m100 is a standard android device and as such can connect to any wifi network nearby.

We have found the simplest way to guarantee a good wifi connection is to use your personal hotspot on your iOS or Android device to connect the m100 to wifi.

Additional Information

  • If you change your hotspot wifi password to as simple as possible it will make it easier to enter the password and connect from your device. In the video the password was simply 'aaaaaaaa'.

How do I make OnSite Calls on my M100?

Make a call out:

  • Open the Onsite App and use the (A) button to scroll down the list of names or (B) button to scroll up.
  • Once highlighted on the name you would like to call press and hold the (D) button

Hanging up a call:

  • Press and hold down (D)

How do I answer calls on my M100?

  • Press and hold the (D) button until the viewfinder opens and you see a running counter.
  • As the call connects, for a few seconds your screen will be black with a white timer bar on the bottom.
  • Listen for two "dings" that will indicate audio connection first followed by video connection.

How do I capture photos and video on my M100?

Taking Pictures:

  • Navigate on your M100 from {Home Screen > Camera}.
  • Press the D button to capture content.
  • You will hear a shutter sound, followed by a preview of the picture taken.
  • The counter icon (⇧) will appear and showing content upload progress.

Recording Videos:

  • Navigate on your M100 from {Home screen > Camera}.
  • Long press the A button to switch from photo mode to video mode. This change will be symbolized by a white camera icon (photo mode) or film roll icon (video mode) in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Press the D button to begin recording a video. You will hear a beep, and then the timer in the upper right-hand corner will display the time elapsed recording.
  • To end the video, press the D button again, and you will see the counter icon (⇧) showing content upload progress.

Taking a Snapshot in an OnSite Call:

  • If you are in an OnSite call and would like to save a photo of content being streamed, long press the A button to take a snapshot.
  • You will then enter “snapshot mode”.
  • You will hear the shutter sound, then be shown a preview of the image recorded.
  • After the image has been uploaded to Vision, your video feed will automatically reconnect and begin streaming again to others in the call.

What is the 'Are You Still Recording' feature of the M100? 

If a user is recording a video on their M100 device, at the 5 minute mark, a pop-up notification will ask if the user is “still recording”. If the user does not acknowledge this prompt by pressing the D button, after 1 minute, the video will terminate and upload to Vision.

Additional Information

  • This feature resolves previous issues with a user filling up a device’s memory with videos that were either started accidentally or not properly ended.
  • When video mode is accessed when an M100 is offline and storage is low, the application will notify the user that they should connect to WiFi or a hotspot to upload their content.This feature promotes moving content to Vision in a timely manner while also safeguarding against a full device.
  • When video mode is enabled, the M100 is offline, and storage is low, the application will prevent the user from recording content to safeguard the device’s memory from completely filling and rendering the device inoperable.

What can't I see my video feed for my call with the M100? 

For mobile app users who are on a call with fellow mobile app or Vision users:

To share your own video feed, you must initiate the video streaming on a telepresence call. Once a call is initiated, make sure you have pressed the video camera icon. The video camera icon will change from white (VIDEO OFF) to bold yellow (VIDEO ON). This is located on the bar at the bottom of your screen.

  • Please note that only mobile app users can share their video feed; Vision users cannot.

For mobile app users who are on a call with an M100 user:

If a mobile app user and M100 user are engaging in an OnSite call, only the M100 user can stream video for the mobile app (or Vision) user to see. The app user must not be streaming his own video in order to receive the M100 video stream.

Why will my content not upload to Vision from my M100? 

Consider the following scenarios and best practices:

1. Signal Strength:

  • Your location may have a weak cellular signal
  • Wait to upload when you are in a better location with a stronger signal

2) File Size and total number of content:

  • Larger files take longer to upload and will require more time to be connected and load onto Vision.
  • A device with a high number of content stored on device, it will take time to connect and upload onto Vision.

Next, to confirm content is uploading, check by opening your camera application and viewing the status of the arrow indicator and counter display.

Viewing a static arrow indicates you are not connected to your personal hotspot and content will remain on device.

Viewing a flashing arrow indicates you have obtained connection with wifi and content is in the process of uploading into the cloud.

Also notice the counter display. The counter display sits right next to the arrow. It tells you the total number of content stored on the device. After connecting to wifi, the counter display begins counting up, indicating content is uploading. Once all content has uploaded this counter display disappears completely, confirming all content is off the device and into the cloud.

For example:

Offline, I have taken 5 pieces of content. My counter display reads as (0/5).

After establishing a connection, I will notice my counter display begins counting up as the content is leaving my device. This will appear as so (1/5...2/5...3/5).

After I read (5/5) my counter display will disappear.

This tells me all content has uploaded successfully.

Finally, log onto Vision and check for your content:

Instructions for logging into Vision:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Login to Vision
  3. 'Search' your name
  4. See your content
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