In order to determine if you are running the latest version of the XOi mobile application you will: 

  1. Navigate to the 'Settings & Help' screen within the application 
  2. Under the 'About' section of the screen you will see the version number.

    In this image you can see the version number '2.7.0 r-90'

To Update the XOi Application: 

  1. Navigate to the Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS
  2. In Android navigate to 'My Apps and Games' find XOi Vision Mobile in the Updates list and select 'Update'.
  3. In iOS navigate to 'Updates' and find the XOi Vision Mobile and select 'Update'.

Additional Information

  • If you are unable to find the latest update in the google play store you can reach us at to directly request the latest update. 
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