As a admin you can create and delete users in your organization.

  1. Select the gear icon in the main menu to open the settings menu
  2. Select the option 'USERS' to open the list of users
  3. Select the button 'Add User' to add a new user
  4. Type in and select all the details associated with the new user
  5. Uncheck the 'Allow new user to set password' if you want to set a specific password for the user.  Leaving this box checked will email the user a link to allow them to set their own password.
  6. Select 'Save' in order to create the new user
  7. You can delete users from the list that have been created
  8. You can select edit in order to change any of the details you defined for a user at any time.

Additional Information

  • Users can be assigned to groups directly from the user details page
  • You can search the user page using the search bar in the upper right hand corner to find the specific user you are looking for.
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