Scheduled reports can be edited in vision. There are also additional tools for custom reports designed to allow you to quickly create new reports and get the information that you need.

Editing a scheduled report

  1. Select the option 'edit' located next to a scheduled report
  2. Edit any report details you need to change
  3. Select 'Schedule Report' to save the changes you made

Editing a custom report

  1. Custom reports cannot be edited since they are one time reports but can be copied and run again after you make any changes to the report you need to.
  2. Select the icon from the actions menu that looks like two pages to copy the report.
  3. The copied report will have all the same details and selections of the previous reports
  4. Make the changes that you need
  5. Select 'Build Report' to create the new custom report with the changes you made

Deleting a report

Reports can also be delete by selecting the option 'delete' for a scheduled report or the trash can icon in the actions menu for a custom report.

Downloading a report

Custom reports can be directly downloaded as a pdf by selecting the download button from the actions menu for the custom report.

Additional Information

  • When editing a report any option associated with the report can be changed. If you want to, a report that you edit can be changed to have completely different settings than the report you started with.
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