The HMT-1 can be fully operated using a variety of voice commands. There are voice commands specific to the Vision Application as well as standard commands associated with the device.

Additional Information

  • The Real Ware HMT-1 User Guide
  • It is recommended to understand what the voice commands for the HMT-1 are before bringing the device into the field.
  • It is important to annunciate clearly when giving commands to the HMT-1, but do not slow down your rate of speech significantly.

Voice Command Library

Unlock Device - Unlocks and opens the HMT-1 device. The first command you will use at the start of each session with the device

Navigating the Main Menu

Open Camera - Opens the camera within the Vision application
Settings and Help
- Opens the settings and help screen
Live Call - Opens the telepresence (live call) screen
Media Gallery - Opens the media gallery so that you can see the media you have captured in the past 12 hours.
Knowledge Base - Opens the knowledge base screen so that you can search all of the content available to you in the vision platform

Using the Camera

Flashlight On - Turns the flashlight for the device on
Flashlight Off - Turns off the flashlight
Review Photo - Opens the media gallery so you can see the media that you have captured in the past 12 hours.
Photo Mode - Allows you to take photos using the camera
Take Photo - Capture a photo
Video Mode - Allows you to record videos with audio using the camera
Record Video - Begin a video recording
Stop Recording - Complete a video recording
Approve - Approve the photo or video that you have just captured when reviewing it.
Reject - Delete the photo or video that you have just captured when reviewing it.

Using the Media Gallery

View or Select Item (X) - Allows you to select or view the first item in a numeric list within the application. When you first navigate to a screen in the application you will see a popup indicator for each item in the list giving you the digit associated with that item
Remove Media - Opens the remove media screen where you can select and delete content from your gallery.
Share Media - Opens the share content screen where you can select content to share.
Next Step - Opens the send as a message screen where you can send the content you selected to share to a email address or a phone number.
Add Recipient - Allows you to dictate a email address or phone number that will be added to the recipient field.
Accept - Approve the text displayed as the email or phone number you are sending the message to.
Restart - Start the dictation over
Append - Start the dictation and add to the already existing message
Show Keyboard - Open the HMT-1 keyboard. There are a variety of symbols available to be entered on the HMT-1 keyboard. Please refer to the RealWare HMT-1 User Guide for additional information
Dictation - Allows you to open the dictation feature.
Scan Code - Allows you to scan a code to add text from your RealWare companion mobile application
Message Body - Select the message body to enter a message using dictation, your RealWare companion, or the voice command keyboard
Send Message - Send the content you have selected and the message you defined to the email or phone number you provided as the recipient.
Scroll Down - Scroll down the page you are looking at currently
Scroll Up - Scroll up the page you are looking at currently
Done Sharing - Navigate back to the knowledge base page.
Go Back - Return to the previous screen

Using Knowledge Base

Use Keywords - Allows you to enter a keyword to search for using dictation, your RealWare companion, or the voice command keyboard.
Start Search - Search knowledge base for the keyword that you entered.

Using the Live Call

Start Video - Stream video from your device to the people you are talking to.
Hang Up - End the current call

General Voice Commands

Show Help - Shows list of available audio commands for your HMT-1 device.
Navigate Back - Takes you to the previous screen in the HMT-1 (Not within the Vision Application)
Navigate Home - Takes you to the home screen for the HMT-1 device.
My Controls - Takes you to the device control screen where you can adjust the device settings
Mute Microphone - Allows you to mute the microphone so that the device no longer receives voice commands or records audio. Press the action button located on the side of the device to enable the microphone again
Recent Applications - Will display a carousel of applications recently accessed in the HMT-1

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