The vision mobile and browser application are primarily used for two different purposes.

The mobile application is designed with technicians in mind allowing them to quickly receive assistance, capture content and share content.

The online application is designed for managers and account admins to view all content broken into activity stream, knowledge base and service tickets as well as allowing them to manage their organization.

Vision Online Application Unique Features


  • Engage in live-calls with app users, HMT-1 users, M100 devices 

Activity Stream

  • Search the cloud based platform for any identifying tags (i.e. tech name)

Knowledge Base

  • You can upload additional resources into knowledge base online. 
  • Search the cloud based platform for any identifying tags (i.e. tech name)
  • Share specific photos and videos from KNOWLEDGE BASE by copy and pasting links into emails, proposals or service tickets by hitting the orange SHARE button and selecting Share as Link 

Service Tickets

  • Search the SERVICE TICKET portion of the platform for particular service tickets or calls that have videos and photos

Administration Tools

  • Mange REPORTS in order to create and download reports on your organizations activities.
  • Manage USERS in order to create new users or delete existing ones. 
  • Manage GROUPS in order to create new groups delete existing ones or add and remove group members. 
  • Manage WORKFLOWS by creating new ones, deleting old ones or editing existing ones. 
  • Manage the information about your ORGANIZATIONS

Vision Mobile Application Unique Features

Download from Google Play or App Store

  • The mobile app is found by going to the iOS app store and searching for "XOEYE", it is titled 'Vision Mobile Client 
  • If you have an Android phone, please go to the Google Play Store and search the same. 


  • Through WORKFLOW you can associate photos and videos to steps in the service ticket, customer, and location that you just completed 


  • In GALLERY you can review and share your own personal pictures and videos taken within the XOi app 
  • You can share specific photos and videos with any cell phone or email from GALLERY or KNOWLEDGE BASE by hitting the universal share symbol in the top right corner under the battery symbol, follow the steps to select and share 


  • Take photos and videos in CAMERA that upload to the cloud for anyone in your company with a login to see
  • Approving or Rejecting the picture of video and uploading it comes with the press of the CHECK or the X buttons. 


  • In CALL you can make live-video calls for real-time support in CALL

Features in Both Applications

Knowledge Base

  • In KNOWLEDGE BASE you can search the entire cloud based platform of your company for any identifying tags such as a Tech Name, Sales, Training, etc 
  • Share specific photos and videos from KNOWLEDGE BASE with any cell phone or email by selecting the content and hitting the SHARE button 

To learn more about each of these tools please visit Getting Started with Vision Mobile or Getting Started with Vision Online

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