Happy Holiday Season everyone!  In this release, we continue to squash bugs before they become a nuisance for our users.  We also thought we’d make some things better, so let us know what you think...

  • Device management can now be accomplished under a user’s profile page.  This allows for easier viewing of what device(s) has been assigned to user.
  • We’ve included the email address of the person when sending a share.  This allows the recipient of the share to click “Reply All” in their email client and respond directly to the person sending the share.
  • Bulk tagging of content!  In the Knowledge Base!
  • Zoom In/Out of images in expanded view.  When you open an image in expanded view, you now have the options to zoom in and zoom out to view the image better.
  • And the big one… get ready for it…  You can now upload your own content inside Vision!
  • In the Knowledge Base, Vision now allows you to upload your own:
  • Videos - must be in MP4 format
  • Photos - any format
  • PDFs
  • While uploading, you can tag each file individually or tag all of them as a group.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the next release!

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