Hello everyone! In this release, we continued to make improvements with integrating XOi with other FSM platforms. Also, from our last release, we made several enhancements and bug fixes to our Customer Reporting and workflow...

  • Customer ReportingYou can now report on shares of photos and videos from service tickets as a metric.When you download a report to XLS, the worksheet is the same name as the report.Reports will keep their default download type that is set when creating the report, but when viewing the report, you will have the ability to download in any of the other available formats.The default reporting period is now set to “last 7 days” instead of Custom, allowing you to more easily create a quick report instead of getting an error for not setting the report period.You can now duplicate a report to create a new one with the same criteria and change anything you want.
  • Workflow - We now have all the pieces in place for multiple workflows.In Vision Web, you can create as many workflows, with as many steps as you want.When starting a Workflow, whether coming from a FSM integration or doing it directly on Vision Mobile, you will have the option to select which workflow you would like to use before starting.

 Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on the next release!

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